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Trust Ceylon Islands for Getting Around in Sri Lanka


Ceylon Islands’ unrivaled collection of Sri Lanka tours offers a wealth of ideas to help you find Trust Ceylon Islands for Getting Around in Sri Lanka

Getting around Sri Lanka can be a challenge but Ceylon Islands’ careful itinerary planning and rich range of transport options can ease the burden and ensure you enjoy your stay to the full.

Although the country is only roughly the size of Ireland, journeys in Sri Lanka can be made difficult by a number of factors: a limited number of major roads; minor roads of poor quality; heavy traffic; and the central position of the island’s highlands which makes crossing from east to west, or north to south, more convoluted than one might expect when first glancing at the map.

Misjudging journey times, or the best time to travel, is a common mistake made by travelers to Sri Lanka, but whether you prefer to travel by chauffeur-driven car, take an internal flight or join the fun on our Ceylon Islands Hopper bus service, we have the solution for you.

By far the most comfortable and convenient solution for travelling in Sri Lanka is to hire a car and driver, and we firmly believe that our pool of Sri Lanka chauffeur-guides is the best in the country. Ceylon Islands does not recommend driving in Sri Lanka unless you have experience driving in other Asian countries where the traffic, roads and conduct of other drivers are similar.

For those on a tighter budget, offers six popular tourist routes across the island, offering you the chance to meet like-minded travelers and share stories and insights about your Sri Lanka discoveries.

Sri Lanka is also home to one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, and there is always a clamor for train tickets if clients are heading into the heart of the hill country.

Whichever way you like to travel around Sri Lanka, Ceylon Islands has the perfect solution.

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